Men's Tiger Bamboo Crew Novelty Socks

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Men's Tiger Bamboo Crew Novelty Socks

Sure, it's a jungle out there. But any man who wears a pair of Men's Tiger Bamboo Crew Novelty Socks from Absolute Socks will be the top cat in town.

Featuring an image of a large and powerful striped feline peering out from a bamboo stand, these tiger stocks will make everyone who sees them roar with approval. Wear them with casual clothes if you're looking to get lots of comments and compliments, whether you're running daily errands or going out on the town. Or you could combine them with a power suit to let everyone at your business know you're a super-predator who will not only survive but thrive when it comes to the law of the jungle. However you wear these eye-catching socks, you're bound to get noticed.

Taking the jungle theme one step further, the material for these awesome socks is mostly rayon made from bamboo. In addition to 68 percent rayon, these cool and comfortable socks are composed of 30 percent nylon and 2 percent Spandex.

Designed in California, these socks are available in men's sock size 10 to 13, which fits men's shoe sizes from 7 to 12 1/2. They are durable as well as comfortable, but make sure when you machine-wash them to set your washing machine to use cold water. Also remember not to use bleach on these socks and to tumble-dry them on low.