• This sale is subject to the store stock availability so we will fill all orders on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Discounts will automatically be applied when the Coupon Code is applied at Checkout.
  • We will not hold orders for substitutes.
  • If an item is sold out when we process your order, the item is deleted from your order and the order will be shipped without that item.
  • If you order multiples of an item - say 5 of an item and we only have 2 left in stock, we will ship the quantity of whatever is in stock.
  • Your order total will be adjusted to reflect what is being sent to you and you will only be charged for what has shipped.

SolMate Socks, Sport Socks, & Clearance Items are NOT Included in the Sale.

Items sell quickly in this flash deal, so hurry and get your order in!

All sales are final. NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES.

Prior sales not eligible. Not to be combined with any other promotions.
Sale thru Jan.14th- 21st. Eastern Time.