Women's Shark Attack Wide Calf Knee High Socks

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Women's Shark Attack Wide Calf Knee High Socks
Did you know you're more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than by a shark bite? Despite all the hype about these toothy predators, that's the truth. So the next time you're at a tropical beach, remember that it's probably somewhat safer to be in the water than on the land. Even so, folks are fascinated by sharks. Their reputation certainly wasn't improved by the release of the blockbuster movie Jaws. That's unfortunate, because sharks play an important role in maintaining the delicate balance of nature and the sea. Whether you're getting together with friends and family for Shark Week or just love the looks of the ancient elasmobranchs that inhabit the world's oceans, the Women's Shark Attack Wide-Calf Knee-High Socks available at Absolute Socks are bound to stimulate a lot of conversation when you wear them. These over-the-calf socks also make a great gift for any friend or family member who fancies these toothy critters. You will experience the ultimate in comfort with these wide-calf socks. Knee-high, they will provide the fit many of our customers have been waiting for. Made by Sock It to Me, these unique socks can stretch up to 21 inches in circumference. They are constructed of a cotton, polyester and Spandex blend that is stretchy but durable. They are also supremely comfortable and easy to care for. Bearing designs of popular shark species like hammerheads and great white sharks, these women's socks are available in adult sizes to fit ladies' shoe sizes up to size 14.5. They will go swimmingly as beach or resort wear and are perfect to pack along for that next vacation. These unique novelty socks also provide a great way just to show your sense of fun or your admiration for these powerful creatures that occupy an important niche in the oceans' ecology. At our low everyday prices, they won't take a bite out of your budget either.
Size Info
Men: Fits shoe size 7-13
Women: Fits shoe size 8.5-14.5