Women's White Santa Clause Sock Kit

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Women's White Santa Clause Sock Kit

Everything you need to decorate your own Christmas socks! Hours of fun & endless possibilities. Your two sock designs do not have to be the same, customize them however you like. There is no right or wrong way! If you plan to wear the socks, do not glue the heel, toe and the sole area. Your finished socks makes a great keepsake, or framed gift. Don’t be afraid to put on a lot of ornaments. The “uglier” the better! Great for group activities - christmas parties, stocking stuffers, girl scout project and more. The Socks fit women's shoe size 5-10. 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex.

Included in each kits - one pair of socks, pompoms, googly eyes, sequins, rhinestones, satin bows, faux fur, beads & glue